I've read a number of blogs from people who are playing the credit...

I've read a number of blogs from people who are playing the credit card 0% interest game. For those that are notfamiliar with the game, you sign up for a credit card with no interest for a number of months. When you're approved, you max out the card in cash, and put the money into a safe account earning interest. At the end of the no-interest grace period, you simply withdraw the cash and your interest, and pay off the card.

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It's essentially a free loan from the credit card for a certain number of months.

It seems like a great deal, but I fear that many people don't realize the effect this has on your credit rating. Effectively, for that initial interest free period, you have maxed out your credit card. Something that will reflect poorly on your credit score. Additionally, from the credit bureaus point of view, you've taken on more credit which seems like a good thing, but there is such a thing as having access to too much credit if your income does not back it up. They will view this as an increased risk that you could default on payments.

The jury is still out on how much is too much, and it's tough to quantify how much your credit score will be lowered each time you acquire more plastic. (I might add that it doesn't look good when you start closing out a ton of credit card accounts at the same time.)

So you have to weigh the positives with the negatives and make sure your credit score can stand a pounding before you ante up. Think about this: A credit card company offers you 0% interest for 6 months, and gives you a $10,000 credit line. You take the full $10k and invest it into some interest bearing account at 5%. Over that 6 months, you will make about $250 in interest. So is it worth it to jeopardize your credit score for $250? Maybe. It depends on your current situation and credit score.

Remember, that not everyone's credit situation is the same. So don't take someone's word on it that playing this game will only lower your credit score by XX number of points.

Good luck if you chose to play the game, but just remember that if cash is King, your credit score is Queen.

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