Please follow the guidelines described below. These will ensure that your prints will be the best quality possible.

Files Formats We Can Use

We can accept .EPS, .AI, .PDF, or .CDR. If your design is in a .PSD, .TIF, .JPEG or any other bitmap format, please contact us before sending.
We CANNOT ACCEPT Word documents, Publisher, Power Point files or low resolution bitmaps.


Always convert your fonts to outlines/curves to avoid any issues regarding font matching.

Vector Artwork

We accept vectored artwork as .CDR, .AI, .EPS or .PDF format. Vectored artwork is always the best choice for large signs as it will remain crisp no matter how big you make it – unlike bitmap files. Even if the picture is a bitmap file you should send the text and logos as vector format.

Artwork for Screen Printing

Screen printed products require vector artwork with solid colors. JPEG artwork (e.g. photos, scanned images), half tones and gradients will not reproduce well. If this artwork is the only art available, please contact us for details.

Photo Requirements

You must consider the distance your graphics will be viewed from. If an image is going to be viewed from a far distance, then the resolution will not have to be as high as it does for close viewing distances.

Artwork Sizing and Resolution

It’s best to size your artwork for the actual size of the image to be created. Artwork that will be viewed at a distance of greater than 12 feet can have a resolution of 100 dpi actual size. If you want the image to be crisp when viewed at less than 6 feet then a resolution of 150 dpi should be used for actual size artwork. If you have any questions or need help preparing your artwork contact us directly at or call us at 1-902-481-1007.

Accurate Colour Reproduction

Provide all colors in your file as Pantone colors, we cannot guarantee colour match when pantone colors are not present. Create your files as RGB whenever possible. A color proof should always accompany your files for accurate reproduction.

How to Send Your Files

Artwork files that are smaller than 5MB can be emailed to us at
The fastest way to get files over 5 MB is by using, a free file transfer site.

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