Online marketing techniques to build your online presence

After learning the importance of an updated website for online marketing, and how not to lose customers, I now have to mention a few additional strategies that you should follow for your successful online marketing.

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Social networking is now becoming an essential part of online marketing that involves making use of what are called web 2.0 communities, that are available today to market your website.

The most popular of these web 2.0 communities, which are used by more people on a regular basis today are Facebook, MySpace and Twitter, but you can also include sites like Digg and Propeller, and please do not underestimate the power of media sites like YouTube.

In fact that last point is so important, I am going to mention it again. Youtube is not only a great site because you can upload videos to it, but it gets as many if not more visitors each day than Google, so it is well worth considering having a presence on this site.

The advantage of joining these networks, and communicating with the communities and members found here will help you establish a strong foothold for your business. You never know when you will find new prospects and customers for your business in these sites. It is however, all about being low key and not pushy or constantly self-promoting.

Article marketing is still a tried and tested strategy

Article marketing also helps with in building your online presence. Article marketing means writing and distributing articles to different online magazines and directories, while adding a valuable resource box to your articles, which is your chance to obtain valuable links back to your website for the keywords that you want to rank highly for.

This resource box should have a small bio or description about you and your business, and should link back to your website, so that if a visitor clicks on it, they arrive at your site.

As I've just mentioned, these links do prove to be very effective in getting your website noticed by search engines, and Google in particular sees links as key to ranking your site more highly than a competitor.

If you can add as much interesting and unique information in your articles as possible, you will be noticed as an expert in your field. Moreover, if you also have valuable information on your website, you reinforce the fact that you're an expert in your field, plus the search engines will visit your site more often as and when it is updated.

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