Did you know that 95% of online marketers are not making any money in...

Did you know that 95% of online marketers are not making any money in their business? That seems like way too many when we have the knowledge, the tools, and the web site marketing services to do much better.

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Have you found the right Keywords for your website?

Internet marketing is very different from offline marketing and centers around people searching for a product or service they want to know more about or buy. The words people search when they type in what they are looking for are what we call keywords. Finding keywords that will convert to business makes all the difference if you want a successful web site business that earns income.

What happens when you don't target the right keywords on your web site?

Establishing the right keywords for a business web site is the difference between getting lots of traffic to the business, or almost no traffic. You're looking for what is called 'money' keywords that get enough search engine traffic but aren't too competitive to try and rank for because if you can't rank high in the search engines nobody is going to find you. Every market has money keywords.

What holds a business web site owner back from earning significant money on the site?

One of the problems is that the majority of website owners do not do keyword research. If they are targeting keywords that will never bring traffic to their website, how are they going to do any business?

And if they do any keyword research at all, most don't do it thoroughly enough to find the money keywords. There are tools and services to find the profitable keywords for every web site in any market - you shouldn't take shortcuts when it comes to keyword research.

What do you do with the keywords that you determine are the money keywords for your website?

Once you establish your keywords, there are many web site marketing service strategies that you can use to optimize the unique money keywords you target on your web site - all with the goal to bring more targeted visitors that can be converted into business. They include blogging, email marketing, search engine optimization, social marketing, social media, article writing, press releases, classified ads, linking systems, and more.

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