Extreme Couponing 101: Step Two

Step Two: Start buying multiple copies of the Sunday paper, and get that printer working!

You need to be buying multiple copies of the Sunday paperperiod. I used to get five, and now I get six every week. Some people suggest you get a copy (or two) for every family member in your home, while others suggest just buying several on weeks there are lots of inserts. Start off buying 4-6 every week, and make adjustments to that number as needed. Spending $10 on papers every week may seem like a lot, but I promise they will pay for themselves time and time again! Some areas of the country even offer great deals if you sign up to have more than one Sunday paper delivered every week. In my area, I pay about $3.35 a week to have my six papers delivered. (My local paper actually gives coupon deals because so many people coupon around here.)

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Another great source for coupons is the internet. Many companies now put out printable coupons which you can print out right from your computer. (I always feel like I am printing money every time I go to print a new coupon.) My top three favorite websites to print coupons from are: www.coupons.com , http://www.smartsource.com/ and http://www.redplum.com/ . All three are reputable websites so you don't need to worry about installing the coupon printer you need to install to print.

Many times different brands will put out high value coupons through their Facebook page, so you may want to make sure you like your favorite products pages so you don't miss out on them!

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